2016 Troon Vineyard Estate Cuvée Pyrénées Tannat/Malbec Co-ferment, Kubli Bench, Applegate Valley

No other wine speaks so clearly about the terroir and character of the Kubli Bench in the Applegate Valley than the distinctive co-ferment of Tannat and Malbec, Cuvée Pyrénées. In the shadow of the Pyrénées Mountains in southwestern France Tannat and Malbec reign as the premier grape varieties in the famed appellations of Madiran and Cahors and we named this wine in their honor. Cuvée Pyrénées was formally known as MT, but its new name better
reflects the traditions and inspiration that created this one-of-a-kind Oregon co-ferment.  Troon is firmly committed to co-fermentation instead of blending as they believe adds many layers of complexity and texture than cannot be obtained in any other way. Their 2016 Cuvée Pyrénées is svelte yet substantial wine with brilliant lifted aromatics. More than cellar-worthy, with a bit of patience this wine will develop into a wine of even greater complexity than it already possesses.

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