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About Us

Qorkz is a marketplace to buy wine directly from the producers and not from a distributor. At Qorkz, we put small batch wines within your reach by connecting you with limited production wineries to experience truly great wines you won't find anywhere else. In the Qorkz marketplace, you will meet the winemaker and learn the story behind your new favorite wine. Explore a new wine region and discover what makes wine from that region unique. Listen to the winemaker and our sommelier describe the flavor profile of the wine, helping to steer you towards a wine you know you will enjoy. When you purchase in the Qorkz marketplace, you buy directly from the winery owner, supporting their small business and helping them grow. They then ship the wine to you directly. 

It is important to note that Qorkz is not a warehouse, so purchases made from different producers in the marketplace will be shipped separately. All prices, discounts, and shipping rates are set by the winery.

   Jill Hoffman - CEO / Founder