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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Pronounce The Name Qorkz?

The name Qorkz is pronounced Corks, just like a wine cork. We're a bit quirky here at Qorkz and our name is a reflection of who we are. 

Does Qorkz Have A Warehouse?

Qorkz does not have a warehouse. All purchases made ship directly from the winery you purchase from. All of our wineries are located throughout the state and as a result, multiple wineries do not combine or bundle their shipping. 

Why Can't I Combine Shipping?

Qorkz facilitates direct to consumer sales between you and the winery. Each purchase is shipped from the different wineries independently instead of from a wholesale warehouse. As a result, shipping from the various wineries will use different carriers and will be charged separately. 

How Is My Wine Shipped?

Once your order is placed through Qorkz, the winery will ship the wine using either 2-day air or temperature controlled ground shipping. The 2-day-air is not 2 days from when the order is placed but 2-days from when the order is processed. Wineries may wait to process the orders due to bad weather. Orders not processed by the wineries within 15-days of order will be terminated and refunds will be provided per the Terms and Conditions.

What Is The Policy On Returns?

If your order is cancelled for any reason other than failure to receive delivery, Qorkz will refund your money to the card used at the time of checkout. A person over the age of 21-years-old must be present at the address given to receive shipment of your wine. If one is not and your wine is returned to the winery, you will receive a refund minus the shipping and handling charges accrued as a result. 

What If I Don't Like The Wine?

We here at Qorkz have tried all of the wines we sell and think they are of excellent quality. We do realize that there are differing tastes and people might not enjoy a vintage or varietal that they order. Unfortunately we do not guarantee that you will like your bottle or wine and we do not offer refunds for that reason. We strongly recommend that you read the tasting notes, watch the winemaker tasting video and the sommelier tasting video to get a sense of what the wine will taste like prior to purchase. 

What Is An AVA?

An AVA stands for American Viticultural Area, which is a wine-growing region in the United States with boundaries determined by the Alcohol Tobacco and Trade Bureau. (TTB). Wine may be labeled with the name of an AVA if the wine contains at least 85% of its grapes from that AVA.

Should I Provide A Business or Home Address?

The signature of a person over the age of 21 is required to accept shipment of the wine. Wine may be delivered during weekday working hours. As such, Qorkz strongly recommends a business address as the shipping address. If wine has to be returned to the winery due to failed attempts at delivery, the customer will not be refunded shipping and handling charges.

What Constitutes A Small Production Winery?

A winery is classified as a small production winery if it makes between 5,000 to 50,000 cases of wine annually. A limited production winery makes between 50 and 5,000 cases of wine annually. Limited productions of a single wine are generally under 1,000 cases of any one vintage. 

What If A Winery Does Not Ship To My State?

Wineries must be permitted in a state to ship legally to that state. On Qorkz, you may only buy wine only from wineries legally permitted to sell wine in your state. If you are interested in purchasing from a winery that is not permitted in your state, please let Qorkz know, and we will work with the winery to permit in your state.

How Do I Contact Qorkz?

You may contact Qorkz by sending an email to info@qorkz.com and we will do our best to get back to you in a timely fashion. 

How Do I Sell My Wine Through Qorkz?

If you are a winery interested in direct to consumer sales through the Qorkz marketplace, please send us a note to marketing@qorkz.com and we will be in touch! 


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