The Grape

Roussanne is a classic French white wine grape from the northern Rhône region of France.  The name 'Roussanne' is based on the word 'roux' which refers to the russet color of the ripe grapes.  It is one of the six accepted grapes to make a white Chateauneuf-du-Papes (yes, there is a white Chateauneuf-du-Papes.  Try it, be amazed).  In France it is common in the Crozes-Hermitages, Hermitage and Saint-Joseph AOCs.  Outside of France, it can be found in Australia, California, Greece, Italy, Spain, Texas and Washington.

The Wine

 The flavors of Roussane can vary depending on the temperatures that it is grown at.  In cooler climates the grapes are floral with higher acidity.  In warmer regions the flavors are richer like honey and pears.  The Roussane grape is often blended with Chardonnay, Viognier, Vermentino and Marsanne.  Wines from Roussane drink well early but often go dormant until aged longer when they re-emerge with more complexity and depth.

Perfect Pairings

What pairs well with Roussane depends on the climate where the grape was grown.  In cool climates, serve with Bouillabaisse, Jerk Chicken or Tagines or cheeses like Feta, Mahon and Chevre.  Warm climate pairings should include savory roasts, creamy potatoes, Brie and Cheddar.



Shop Roussanne Wines

2017 Estate Roussanne, Kubli Bench Applegate Valley
$ 35.00

Roussanne is usually found as part of a blend with Marsanne or Viognier, but Troon could not resist letting their Estate Roussanne have its turn in the spotlight as a solo act. One taste of this exotic wine and you’ll know why we decided to bottle this wine as a single varietal. Roussanne is one of the most highly-regarded varieties in the Rhône and Languedoc regions of southern France. There Roussanne adds structure to the more voluptuous Marsanne. Certainly, the 2017 Roussanne exhibits that classic, firm structure, but this fruit,
grown on some of our most gravelly soils, is also richly flavored and filled with enticing aromatics and flavors. While we feel this wine will mature beautifully over the next two years, we actually can’t resist drinking it now!