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This white grape is most commonly associated with the cool Rhine Valley in such locations as Germany, especially the Mosel, Nahe, Pfalz and Rheingau; Alsace in France, Austria and Luxembourg. It is now being grown in throughout Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and Australia.  


Wines produced from Riesling can range from sweet to dry; from still to sparkling. Young rieslings have flavors ranging from apple to peach with bright acidity and grassy notes. Unlike many white wines, it is capable of aging sometimes developing a kerosene or petrol aromas and becomes more honeyed.  It is known for variations in flavor profile due to terroir.


Like most wines, you can never go wrong pairing Riesling with food from its place of origin so bring on a big plate of choucroute garnie!  It also is the perfect choice for more challenging cuisines such as Chinese and Thai, the spicier the better!

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