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Pinot Blanc

The Grape

The bastard step-child of the Pinot family, Pinot Blanc is a white mutation of the unstable Pinot Noir (how unstable you ask, the same plant can host blancs and noirs on different canes at the same time). The grape is believed to have originated in Burgundy and is also used in Champagne and Alsace where it is often blended with Auxerrois and used in sparkling wine (think Crémant d'Alsace).  In Europe it is also grown in Austria, Germany, Hungary and Luxembourg.  In the United States, it is grown in California, Oregon and Washington.

The Wine

Wines made from Pinot Blanc can be sweet, dry or sparkling.  They are full bodied whites with apple and floral noses and taste of golden delicious and nectarines with citrus elements.  These wines are designed to be drunk young.

Perfect Pairings

This is the perfect with for a summer lunch paired with a quiche or an omelet with fine herbs or soft cheese.  Shellfish such as mussels and swordfish, poultry and pasta with fresh veggies are beautiful choices as well!

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