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A staple of the Mediterranean, the Mourvèdre grape was probably brought Spain by the Phoenicians.  It needs a warm, dry climate which is why it thrived in southern France and Spain as well as in parts of Algeria and Tunisia.  It was introduced into the United States by the Pellier brothers who brought cuttings of the grape they called 'Mataro' to the Santa Clara Valley in the 1860s.  There are now plantings in California, Washington, Arizona, Missouri and Virginia.  Other New World growing areas include Australia and South Africa. 


Mourvèdre is used to make both red and rosé wines in the New World and the old.  The berries are small and thick skinned which gives the wines a deep rich color and a strong tannic structure.  Often found in blends like, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Mourvèdre is often the back bone of the wine, but can also be found in silky, single varietal bottles as well.  The flavors are deep and rich.


 Mourvèdre pairs well with strong, earth flavors.  Grilled or roasted meats, particularly game would be delightful but can be enjoyed with root vegetables and mushrooms too.


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2013 Oak Cliff Cellars Wild Diamond Mourvedre
$ 32.00

2012 predecessor won double gold in the 2014 Tex Som International Wine Competition and the 2014 Riverside International Wine Competition in southern California.
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Tasting Notes

Mourvedre is a grape native to Southern Rhone and typically found in Rhone blends, but rarely bottled as a single varietal. Our distinctive single varietal Mourvedre is a soft red perfumed wine with subtle flavors of blackberries and violets, a hint of clove and a dusty finish. Although this wine is a lighter style red, the fruit is bright with a surprisingly substantial mid-palate of fruit, making it a very versatile wine for a wide spectrum of foods – fish, pork, poultry and even desserts with berries.


The grapes in this wine all come from the Wild Diamond Vineyard in southern Lake County. At an elevation of 2,200 ft., this vineyard sits high above the fog line, with 5 – 6 hours of direct sunlight daily and then cooled by Pacific breezes at night coming across the Mendocino wind gap. Its red loamy soil is the result of ancient pre-civilization floods and contains rich nutrients that contribute to the density, acidity and color of these grapes.

Varietal:                      100% Mourvedre
Region:                       Lake County, California
Alcohol:                      14.35%

Limited Production - 142 Cases

2014 Troon Black Label G*S*M, Rogue Valley
$ 50.00

Blends and co-ferments our an integral part of our winemaking and this G*S*M (Grenache 4.2%, Syrah 45.2%, Mourvedre 50.6%) shows the kinds of textures and flavors that only blends can achieve. Lifted and bright this wine is what pinot noir would taste like with backbone. A layered wine with many dimensions. Cellaring three to five years will bring out even more complexity. Ideal with pork roasts or grilled Italian sausage.

2015 Blue G*S*M, Rogue Valley
$ 30.00

95 points

91 points Terroirist


G*S*M has become shorthand for the traditional blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre that is ubiquitous in Southern France.  However, this year our G*S*M includes a magical fourth variety. Our 2016 Troon Blue Label G*S*M, Rogue Valley is a blend of 39% Syrah, 32% Mourvèdre, 16% Grenache and... wait for it... 13% Sangiovese. Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention and that was the case in our 2015 vintage as we did not have enough of the classic three varieties and so decided to top up the barrels with Sangiovese and the results speak for themselves in this unique and delicious wine. Your favorite steak can't wait to be served with this beauty.