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2016 Troon Blue Label Vermentino Cuvée Rolle, Applegate Valley - Qorkz

2016 Troon Blue Label Vermentino Cuvée Rolle, Applegate Valley

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Let it Rolle! Rolle (pronounced “roll”) is the French name for Vermentino and, as the style of our 2016 Troon Blue Label Vermentino, Cuvée Rolle, Applegate Valley was inspired by the delicious Rolle blends of the Languedoc Roussillon region in Southern France we gave our cuvée the French name. The Troon Cuvée Rolle is native yeast fermented in mature French Oak barrels and is a co-ferment of 90% Vermentino (Rolle) and 10% Marsanne. The Marsanne adds a rich, round fruitiness to the wine, which is a beautiful counterpoint to the zesty Vermentino.

A brilliant light gold in color, the aromatics literally leap out of a glass of our Cuvée Rolle. Fresh fragrances of lime and orange from the Vermentino meld with the exotic spices and honeysuckle of the Marsanne, which continue on the palate. The Marsanne brings a soft, voluptuous texture that is lifted by the tangy, crispness of the Vermentino. Together they create a wine that perfectly walks the line between richness and freshness that cannot be resisted.