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The Grape

Marsanne is a white wine grape originating in the northern Rhône region at the Sainte Anne Abbey in Bonlieu-sur-Roubion, France.  Outside of France it is found in Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland and the United States.  It is often blended with Rousanne and Viognier.  

Marsanne is not the easiest grape to grow if conditions are not ideal which leads to over ripe fruit and flabby (low acid) wines.  Many vineyards pick the berries early to avoid that scenario. 

The Wine

Marsanne is used to produce both dry and sweet wines.  They are redolent of pears, quince and white peach with nutty and spicy flavors.  The color of the wines tend to be deep and rich which deepen with age with a mellic or unctuous mouth feel.  The wines can be high in alcohol, uncommon in white wines that haven't been fortified.

Perfect Pairings

Because Marsanne doesn't have a particularly high level of acid, it is best with creamy, buttery dishes like a pumpkin ravioli with brown butter, or a lobster risotto. Emmentaler, Camembert, Havarti and Muenster are good cheese pairings.

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