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Edna Valley

Edna Valley received designation as an AVA in 1982. Sitting on 22,400 acres, Edna Valley is in San Luis Obispo County. The viticulture area takes its name from the town of Edna.  The valley is shaped like a funnel that includes Los Osos Valley to the west, Lopez Mountain, part of the Santa Lucia Mountains, to the northeast and the San Luis Range to the southwest. Due to its proximity to the Pacific, there is no danger of killing frosts in the region and it is generally cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than other San Luis Obispo wine regions. Los Osos Valley allows cool breezes and fog from the ocean to Edna Valley.  This combination allows for a slow ripening of the fruit during the growing season giving Edna Valley's famous Chardonnays their bright fruit flavors and well-balanced acidity.

The elevation of the region is lower than many of the surround areas ranging from 120-300 feet on the valley floor to 600 feet along the Santa Lucia mountains and 400 feet along the San Luis mountains.  The soils of the AVA are sandy clay loam, clay loam and clay and are neutral to alkaline in pH.  In addition to Chardonnay, Edna Valley is also known for producing of Pinot Noir.

image of the Qorkz Edna Valley AVA map

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