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Adelaida District

One of the eleven sub-appellations of the Paso Robles AVA, the Adelaida District is located in the northwestern portion of its parent.  Famously farmed by Polish musician and statesman, Ignacy Jan Paderewski, Adelaida experienced its post-prohibition rebirth in the 1960s.  Largely mountainous, this geography has helped create a unique location by protecting the district from cool ocean breezes and allowing cool evening air to slide down the slopes.  These protection gave Adelaida a consistent daytime temperature while preventing overnight frosts.  Tectonics introduced a portion of limestone from the coast to be mixed into the sandstones, mudstones and slates to create colluvial soils that allowed good drainage that could hold sufficient moisture to encourage growth. Temperatures are similar to those of Bordeaux and the Rhone and grapes from those regions thrive here.


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