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March 9 - This Date in Wine History

Wine has a long established history of being our drink of choice for celebrating, entertaining, and savoring life; but it didn't start out that way. From the invention of the barrel to the designation of the separate viticultural areas, wine has a long and sorted history.  In our daily feature "This Date In Wine History," we share an event of critical importance in wine history.  Hugh IV, Duke of Burgundy was born in 1213.  He gave up the Barony of Salon for the counties of Chalon and Auxonne to expand the Duchy which improved the wine trade in the region.   Amasa Leland Stanford was born in 1824.  He was a tycoon, industrialist, politician and founder of Stanford University.   ...

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Why Are We Always Drinking The Same Old Wines?

  I spent the last week with many of the smartest minds in the wine world discussing all aspects of the wine industry from growing to sales. During the discussion, many questions were raised but one question kept rising to the surface: Why aren't we TRYING more wines?Sure, most of us drink wine, and many of us try and pair it with food, but how many of us try wine with an open mind, just to try it? For instance, did you know that Traminette is the official grape of the state of Indiana? No? Neither did I. In fact; I had never heard of Traminette before in my life. Most of us reach this crossroads at one point or...

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