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Paso Robles Highlands District

The Paso Robles Highlands District is the most southeast sub-appellation within the Paso Robles AVA.  The district was first settled in the 1880s when the name "Highlands" was assigned to the school district east of Creston. The topography is, as expected, does consist of uplands and canyons which have a more continental climate (think more season variation instead of overall moderate temperatures).  Despite this, the Winkler scales rates this area as a low region IV, making it more like Spain with an emphasis on those grape varietals.  While temperatures in the AVA may be high the lows may be as much as 50 degrees Fahrenheit which slows the ripening rate of the fruit on the vine and allows flavors and sugar to develop.  

image of the Paso Robles Highlands District AVA map

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