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2016 Mariah Vineyard Chardonnay - Qorkz

2016 Mariah Vineyard Chardonnay

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Tasting Notes

Extra spicy on the nose, Meyer lemon curd, the mouth is citrus, white stone fruit (nectarine peach) floral character on honeysuckle and lemon flower. Rich, long finish. Nice notes of new French oak, combined with some barrel character from the Foudre. Rich long finish, Grapefruit 

Made from Italian clone grapes / 400 gallons / fermented in Foudre

A Foudre is a large wooden vat, it can contain up to 300 hectoliters and more. This word is coming from the German " Fuder " translated as « cartful, containing », having entered in the French language in the 16th C. This type of vat is to be found particularly in the Mediterranean vineyards. The use of Foudre for maturation results from a long wine tradition, but its interest is also linked to the volume, the thickness of staves and the age of the vat.

Appellation: Mendocino Ridge