Pronounced An-Yee-Tsee-o, Agnitio exists solely for the purpose of creating premium wines that honor the true spirit of the land: the workers. Within each vineyard are endless stories of dedication, perseverance and a love of each unique plot of land. After decades of cultivating the Napa Valley’s most celebrated industry, the Belli and Cybulski families created Agnitio Wines to pay tribute to the land and honor their devoted farming team. From Chardonnay to Cabernet Sauvignon, the partners are dedicated to making wines that reflect the unique character and quality of the vineyard sites they farm.

Agnitio: Latin for recognition & knowledge.


Rising before the sun to harvest grape clusters while they are still cool, vineyard workers are the soul of Agnitio. We rely on their dedication and skill throughout the year; and with Agnitio, we give back. A portion of the proceeds from every bottle funds our Together We GrowTM continuing education program supporting the very workers who tend our vines, pick these grapes, and give them a new life. Agnitio is not the wine of one man, it is the wine of 200 men and women who make it possible.


The team behind Agnitio has been farming these vineyard properties for years. Our roots are in the dirt, and now through Agnitio we are able to show you what these sites are capable of. The members of our team bring education, experience, and knowledge of these vineyards to every vintage of Agnitio. We grow each wine from the earth to the bottle, focusing on elegant, balanced, pure flavors that showcase the history of the grapes.


Winemaker Alexandre Remy joined Agnitio in January 2014 with a background in science and winemaking experience that spans three continents.

Hailing from Rennes, France, Remy holds a master’s degree in food science from the University of Montpellier. His desire to make wine took him to Marlborough, New Zealand, France’s Northern Rhone region, Victoria, Australia and California’s Napa Valley.

Most recently Remy worked as a wine consultant for Vively’s USA, where he consulted for winery clients looking to improve their wine production and quality control. His tasks included calibrating wines through tasting and identifying native yeast strains with potential for good wine fermentations.

Through his position with Agnitio, Remy hopes to demystify winemaking for the public. “I want people to understand wines and how to chose between them, making wine approachable.”

Remy embraces a winemaking style that showcases the elegance and finesse of each vineyard and vintage. “There is no such thing as making wine by recipe,” he says. “A chef can express his artistic side, and as a winemaker that is what I want to do.”

As part of this, Remy is constantly experimenting with traditional winemaking styles, some of which are “things people don’t do anymore because it is not within the trend.”

This type of experimentation is in line with Remy’s personality outside the cellar as well. “I’m eating life as much as I can. Everything is interesting. I’m a sponge for knowledge.”

An avid outdoorsman, Remy is involved in triathlons and trail running. His interests include cooking, traveling and spending time with his wife and young son.



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